Our Story

Why we started it?

Just like others, it’s not like we’ve to do business when we were in college & related kinds of stuff which usually any ordinary startup founders might say. Why we started this even when there is a various number of agencies already exists in the market?

Well, the plan hit while working for an agency when we realized that their vision is to tap more & more collaborations & not delivering quality services. Not with a single agency, our experience has faced 5+ agencies working in Delhi/NCR area & works on the same business model.

While understanding the concept, I & my few work colleagues, shared the same issues. We decided to dedicate a platform for the real clients for the ones who want to see the valuable output of their hard-earned money spent on digital marketing services.

Currently, our userbase is specified & we are serving in these industries e-commerce, consultation, finance, event industry & education sector. With a common motive for all the businesses that when our clients grow only then, we grow. Let us give a bombarding kickstart to your digital marketing for higher success.

Who We Are?

tarana hans

Passionate & enthusiastic marketer to ensure you get maximum ROI with your advertisements with us.

Tarana Hans
gourav pahuja

Someone who can handle every business operation, and manages brand reputation in every aspect. 

Gourav Pahuja

When its about social media trends, she’s the one who keeps an eye watch on every latest updates.

Aastha Bhatia


$59 / month

Business Channel Audit / set-up 


$99 / month

Business page setup  / audit / advance strategic tools / business tools 

Grab Lockdown Offer

upto 25% off on all premium customised packages



Being a consultation startup owner, I've always been anxious about my money spend on business services. I would like to thanks the showupsocially team for delivering me quality leads for my sales team.
Financial Adviser
I run multiple business chains in the e-commerce industry & avail the services for my online kid's store to engage users to social media handles that later converted into my potential clients. I'm happy & satisfied.
I'm a PR consultant for a few big brands. The team helped me manage the work pressure & entirely helped me achieving the valuable outputs for my clients on digital platforms.
UI / UX Developer